About Us

Driven to Make a Difference

Founded by Angelina Francesca, an avid ballerina and philantropist.  ANJE REBEL was created in 2015 to create an organically-made svelte ballerina collection with only vegan colors.  Angelina wishes to create designs that exude confidence and traditionalism in a different kind of athleisure Ballerina wear where women will be portrayed as not only elegant but also strong in her decision to select environmentally-friendly designs from ANJE REBEL.


Our Values

Responsibly Made Products

Here at ANJE REBEL we started with a dream that came true in 2015. Since then, we have been committed to our pledge of operating the most socially responsible movement brand. Our goal has always been to provide an opportunity for people to engage and contribute to a more ethical and eco-friendly consumer initiative, all the way from charity events, global wellness shows and during the recent New York Fashion Week.


Gifting Back to The Homeless

Lunar New Year Show in Hong Kong

Nothing gift back to the society and the world greater than the unity of a community with the common cause.  During Chinese New Year also known as Lunar New Year, Team ANJE REBEL united people from all walks of life in Hong Kong who started as strangers to one another and became a family because of the charity show.  

Love for The People

Inclusion and Diversity

ANJE REBEL brings creativity and love to the people and community it touches since 2015.  Regardless of ages, everyone come together to understand and communicate with one another the positive way possible.  ANJE REBEL brings the mission of saving the earth through its innovative way of thinking and creativity to the present moment of living.


Global Wellness for The World

Save The Earth with Our Mission

The core of every ANJE REBEL shows is to generate the betterment for the interests of this World we live in.  Besides the eco-friendly material and ethical means ANJE REBEL uses, ANJE REBEL also ensure no waste in the manufacturing and tailoring process.  ANJE REBEL believe that positive impact begins at the very core of the brand we stand for.