“I like and believe in ANJE because I truly believe I'm playing a part in saving the Earth I live in. It's a brand that stands for the people and it's doped!” 


—  Joshua, Brooklyn


It is difficult to imagine how plastic bottles are transformed into fabrics. With the help of advanced technology from our factory, we like to share the process here how we can convert plastic bottles into fabrics. First of all the plastic bottles are collected, compressed, packed into bales and shipped to the processing factory. Then, the plastic bottles are chipped and melted into white round balls.


These balls are again crushed and spun through shower like nozzle that results into viscose yarn. These yarns are used to weave fabrics and finally end up into a trendy piece of clothing. This process also consumes 30% less energy than garments which are made from conventionally manufactured polyester.


Recycled bottles are used for various purposes. One such use of this recycled material is spinning it into thin fibers, which are used to make clothing such as T-shirts, jackets, shirts and garments for exercise usually made from polyester blends. PLUS, making clothes from recycled plastic bottles has many benefits such as it reduces the dependency on foreign oil.


Also, it is responsible for reduction in toxins released into the air while burning waste plastic. Besides, the waste bottles dumped into the landfills are also reduced. Further, the used plastic bottles which are turned into fabrics are recyclable and they generate less pollution in the environment. This is a great way to cater to the needs of people as well as eliminate waste from the environment.  Let's CHANGE THE WORLD together with positive Impacts for everyone and the future!