ANJE Couture introducing Bohemian Style

I have always love the Free Spirit of a Boho woman, filled with positivity and not a care to the demands of the world and just pursuing goodness which ever left of it and create more with the same likes.  Whether you are boho or not…. every woman needs a knitted kraftan. Kaftans are versatile, stylish and timeless. They are the jewel of summer and they inspire free spirit, beauty and creativity – everything that represents the Boho culture. Forget those tent like kaftans from the past; creative designers have given a new lease of life to the humble kaftan. Beautiful billowing chiffon creates a dreamy masterpiece – a look that is casual yet elegant. Intricate knitted kaftan like the one I have on is classy and easy to throw over your swimsuit for walks along the beach or dress it up a little by complementing it with classy wedge heels and a piece of statement jewellery – the key word is a piece as not to cover with lots of jewellery.

With Boho fashion the goal is to look authentic and create your own style- therefore there are no hard and fast rules.  Just continue being yourself and stay happy always.


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