Being Vegan is the New Cool

Clean eating means choosing the healthiest, most wholesome, unpolluted food you can, being mindful of where it comes from (local and seasonal as much as possible), and using fresh ingredients, freshly cooked. It means eating plants not animals: vegetables, wholegrains, beans, nuts, lentils, seeds and fruit.

It means not eating processed foods (broadly, most things that come in a tin, box or plastic wrapping), refined foods like white bread and rice, meat and animal products, bad fats, dairy, and sugar.

The health benefits of a wholesome diet with low to no meat and sugar consumption are well documented. But although plant-based eating has become a trend, it should become the way we all eat, without needing a label put on it. It has to, for our own health and that of the planet so it feels natural and it is natural to you, it will be a good and consistent habit to keep.

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