Boho styles in Athletic Wear

Historically, boho is quite a young style, having originated as such in the ‘60s. So it’s the style of artists, the style of free and beautiful people and just the style of those, who want to be free! If we were to define the boho mood as such, probably we would use descriptive details like joyfulness and openness to the world. The constant search of new inventions and discoveries, the longing towards everything that’s artistic and beautiful and the absolutely free and at the same time harmonious inner world are what the boho style is actually shaped with.

The young boho hippie style encompassing the characteristic details of the hippie style and merging them with the boho ideology. The outcome of this is the usage of lavish and bright colors, matched with the girly and romantic vibes.  Not to copy others’ styles and designs, but to come up with something individual and creative, like this capri as shown in the picture from MY ANJE.

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