Colour plays an extensive role in research into this topic. Along with the shape and the style of our clothing, colour is one of the most important ways that we can express ourselves with what we wear. So what does it mean to choose specific colours?

For example, the colour blue is almost always associated with blue skies… a positive thing. Evolutionarily it also means there are no storms to come. This is why it is reminds us of stability and calm. Hence, I'll always recommend that men should wear blue on a date as it offers an image to the woman of calm and stability - a quality many of us seek in a long-term partner. Equally, by wearing calming colours we will feel calmer ourselves.


Along similar lines, red is often the colour we choose because we want - subconsciously or otherwise - to stand out and to demonstrate our power and courage with a bright, exciting colour that is impossible to ignore. For example, prominent politicians and public speakers are often seen wearing a red tie (often coined “the power tie”).

Psychologically, red is also commonly associated with blood and danger, meaning that if we wear red we are a force to be reckoned with. Colour is also integral to the identity that we wish to convey through our clothing. The Goth/Emo style of dressing, for example, is based almost entirely around black. Research has shown that sports teams who wear black are typically more aggressive than those wearing other colours, which is interesting in its suggestion of a link between using black as a defence (the sports team) or a defence mechanism (the Goth).

I encourage my clients to dress as if they feel good. That impacts on their self-esteem and helps to shift them from a negative to a positive perspective.

And that is the power of fashion.

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