Choose to Live in Bohemian Harmony

IN today’s modern era true Bohemians like myself avoid the commercial mass market of fashion and mainstream trends.  I truly believe that the true bohemian is about living in harmony with one self and the planet. It is about shopping consciously for hand-made and fair trade products and supporting local designers. You will find Bohemians not picking what the society wants them to wear or what everyone is wear, rather they choose to wear clothing that is unique and colorful and care for the environment.

Embracing the Bohemian culture is all about appreciating creative treasures which can be anything from a forgotten coin; a hand crafted embellished bag or a beautifully coloured artisan fabric. If you are inspired to awaken your inner bohemian and adorn yourself with colour, spirit and gypsy beauty then check out the bohemian fashion essentials on the new ANJE COUTURE online boutique which will be launched on May 1st.

Stay positive and beautiful my dear friends, XOXO ANJE

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