Color Match For The Gentlemen

AS requested, I have styled many of my male friends and I have been requested to include in my blog, here goes… I firmly believe that the most expensive clothes in the world will not look good if they’re not matching.  Proper color coordination can help your outfit glow if it’s boring, or tone it down a bit if it’s too loud. Below are some of my recommendation on the basics to help with your ensemble:

Color coordination should never be overlooked by the man building a wardrobe. Wearing the right colors is just as important in an outfit as proper fit as colors have to ability to make or break an outfit. They can make a man look bland and boring or they can make a man look loud and foolish.

The closer the colors are to each other, the easier they are to coordinate. For example, wearing a blue dress shirt with a tie that has blue-green strips is a good, simple coordination. On the other hand, trying to mix yellow-green and red-violet can get messy, so knowing how to mix these colors is important.

There are 3 Primary Colors to remember:

  1. Red

  2. Yellow

  3. Blue

These are the only colors that can’t be made by adding or mixing other colors together, but you can mix two or more of the primary colors together and make any other color. Mixing colors can create two effects: harmony or disorganization. When we mix colors in an outfit, we want to use colors that compliment each other and create an appearance that’s pleasant to look at, not a mash of color that looks chaotic.

Till my next blog, I have included here the Color Chart for your reference and hopefully my tips are enough to help you through your week.


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