Culottes Are Coming Back

WIDE-LEG trousers are a classic piece of clothing. You won’t see them everywhere, but once you spot the right pair you get addicted. They can make a huge fashion statement regardless the event. You can wear them at any time of the year and pair them with different tops and shoes. There is some magic in the wide-leg trousers that makes you stand out whenever you go.

Now we all come in different sizes, height and etc, hence the tip to buying wide-leg trousers is to look for fits that compliment your waist and hips. Wide-leg trousers should look flattering on your body and define your waist. Be mindful of your choices because a wrong fit may look too big and baggy. Skinny trousers or jeans are not making a huge difference to your outfit, but if you pair the simplest top with a pair of wide-leg trousers, you are ready to rule!

In our next blog, we will share with you on the various occasions you can wear the wide-leg trousers to.  Till then, stay awesome and beautiful.


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