Empowering Women Spiritually

THIS topic is a requested one and it took me a few days to ponder on how best to write about it as empowerment to women is a topic that is very close to my heart.

Now spirituality is all about awakening the ‘consciousness’ that we all humans have been gifted with all along. The consciousness to recognize the ‘truth’ about self, about relationship of self with the people and the nature around. This consciousness helps us to understand and become aware of ourselves and all things that have an impact on our well-being and our inner peace and happiness.

This unique awareness is empowering because it is the beginning of taking care of our own self as well as understanding others in a better way. Only when you know who you really are and what you really want for your ultimate happiness can you begin to make choices consciously to create realities that result in your happy self. And only then you begin to appreciate the need of others to be happy.

All girls at an early age must be instilled with the qualities of speaking their mind. I grew up with 3 male cousins and my aunt and I am capable of speaking my mind so much so I did get myself into troubles quite too many.  Girls have to be encouraged from younger years to think for themselves and think about who they are, what do they really want to do and enjoy doing. Works of literature that contain stories of men and women who can inspire the attitudes of courage, rising above social and personal hurdles and circumstances should be made available and read to them.

Hope my sharing helps to open the ‘door’ to your Happiness and Knowing.


#Health #Love

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