Ethical and Sustainable Athletic Clothing for the Stylish and Sweaty Chick

Updated: 4 days ago

As activewear continues to make its way into daily wear, there is a growing number of companies eager to facilitate our casual ways ethically and sustainably. Many companies with a focus on outdoor sports are often the most enlightened about sustainability, presumably because they have a personal stake in not wanting the environment to be reduced to garbage. That’s good news for us because it means we have lots of choices when it comes to ethical and eco-friendly activewear and athleisure apparel!

What to look for in ethical and sustainable activewear

Natural fibers: You can find brands made stylishly with a blend of organic cotton or hemp and a little bit of synthetic fiber for stretch.  Organic natural fibers are not only better for the environment, they release odor better than synthetics. Also look for merino, which is the most sweat-wicking and odor-fighting - so much so that you don’t have to wash it after you exercise in it. ANJE Rebel's all athleisure wear collection is made of merino - super simple to managet them, just hang it up to dry.

Recycled synthetics: Natural materials can get soaked in an intense workout. If that bothers you, go for recycled when choosing synthetics. Just grab yourself a Microfiber Filter to attach to your washing machine or a Guppyfriend bag to catch the microfibers that inevitably break off so they don’t end up in our waterways. And don’t worry: recycled plastic clothing is not inherently toxic, no matter what the wellness influencers say.

Performance: It probably goes without saying, but you want activewear that’s actually high-quality so it’s comfortable enough to get your sweat on and won’t tear in the middle of a workout. Choose quality over quantity.

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