Fashion Is To Be Understand

IT is a statement said boldly to express YOU.  The Now designer does not design and create pieces to fit in or use colors that are safe to blend in.  The new world is all about standing out and up, no longer having to hide when you are different, but rather, the new world people embraces you and they celebrate your differences.

This is what ANJE's new image is all about.  It is not about conforming to what you, she, he or everyone wants but it’s all about the minority, standing up for the people who are hurt, abused, bully in their daily lives, in their past by their families or friends.

There’s no genres, no types, no sexes, no colors.  Simply as One Unity.  ANJE stands for everything we want to believe in, to fall in love with and to live FREE. 

“Unity In Humanity Without Division.”  Angelina Francesca


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