How to dress Boho during Cold Weather

ONE of my readers asked me how can she go boho when she travels to Australia next month.  As we all know, down-under actually has a different kind of season as compare to other seasonal countries.

Well, an idea persists among many ladies that boho is exclusively for the warm weather and when it gets colder, going boho is useless. Still, this is quite erroneous, because in case of being styled correctly, boho style can, indeed, form some very comfy and cool looks for the fall/winter seasons too.

For instance, you can pick cotton, denim, or linen skirts in bright and saturated shades. Big prints and patterns and options like florals and ethic inspired variants are especially recommended.

Finally, you just need to combine this with the dark shade of the leggings and a monochrome jacket. In addition, you may use a minimalistically designed white shirt for the absolute perfection which I adore.

However, if you don’t feel like wearing skirts, you can go for skinny pants, adorned with some thematic design patterns or other types of accents matching them with voluminous and relaxed tops or some warm jackets taken with minimalistic forms.

Happy Weekend!

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