How to dress Boho Spirited

BESIDES the free spiritedness in us who care about this world more than others.  Our dressing style is way different as well.  Now the easiest way of going boho is incorporating some typical bohemian style clothing into your wardrobe, including maxi dresses or maxi skirts, which can be matched with crochet tops or dresses, oversized shirts, graphic t-shirts or simple chambray tops.

Tunics, slouchy knitted sweaters, ripped denim pieces, printed jeans with splashes of color (my favorite) like short shorts, jeans or rompers, loosely hanging mini dresses, crochet, denim or fur vests are other typical bohemian style garments. In addition you can also use garments like ripped jeans, velour or velvet pants, cardigans and jackets especially when they are designed with floral prints, trench coats, fur outerwear garments, etc.  Go Free, my beautiful friends!

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