How to Wear Boho Accessories

THANK you for your messages, dear friends for my blogs last week on how much you enjoyed reading about Boho styles and you will like to read more and here they are:)

The spirit of Boho fashion is free, creative, earthy and feminine. My own personal favorite — Siena Miller, and Kate Moss are all poster child’s for Boho fashion and it is a style that is embraced by women all over the globe. Sadly the true essence of Bohemian fashion is being fast forgotten as rich corporations cash in on the “Boho” style by mass producing items that are designed to look like thrift store rip-offs. Glossy advertisements sell the ‘Boho’ style as trendy, and the more these factory rip-offs hit the shop shelves the more they are killing the heart and spirit of true ‘Boho style’.

So what is true Boho style? Bohemian is a played down style which can’t be taught or copied – no matter how much money you have. To be classed as a true Bohemian you must have the Bohemian spirit and heart within. It’s about appreciating the simple things in life, creating style from within you and conjuring magic from the mundane.

The true Bohemian culture focuses on the freedom of expression, creativity, living with consciousness, practicing gratitude and embracing one’s authentic self. It represents togetherness, harmony, spirituality and leading a life devoted to experiencing the world and ignoring the faux attitude and spirit of this society.  Remember, you can’t stop people whom you think are good in talking negative things about your friends, but you can always choose what to believe — Believe in the good and the one that you never hear negativity from.

Give Love and Receive Peace, ANJE

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