How to Work Ruffles into Your Everyday Wardrobe

RUFFLES are all the rage now, have you noticed? Every corner you turn, you see girls in ruffles tops and ruffles skirts and you can’t help but wanna grab a piece for yourself.  The floaty, feminine detail seems to also have touched every runway and retailer in some way. What was once reserved for evening wear is now being paired with denim for weekend-worthy vibes.

Gone are the days of ruffles being too fussy for Monday to Friday, these frills want more time in the spotlight and we will break down the best ways to work them into your wardrobe.

The ruffle trend is here to stay and the bolder the better. Our favorite way to style ruffles is by pairing them with basic pieces that will balance the out the voluminous statement. We’ve styled my look with sneakers for an unexpected contrast to the feminine frills.  And that will work out fine as well.

Now the next tip is to style the voluminous ruffles top with a shiny or leather skinny pants and pair that with a rocker babe ankle boots.  Get ready for some whistles as you sashay down the streets of Orchard Road, Singapore.

Have fun and enjoy being who you are uniquely, ANJE XOXO

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