Making Her Own Mark

Daughter of the legendary Michael Jackson, Paris is already causing a sensation in Paris, France, plus during the couture shows. At the Givenchy show, she was proclaimed the house’s standout guest, the one person everyone else wanted to meet. Wearing an oversize sweater and black combat boots, and looking a tiny bit like she didn’t care, Paris was praised for her cool fashion sense and her laid-back attitude.

Well, despite all the hoopla, there’s one thing that’s easy to forget about Paris: She’s really still a kid.  The death of Michael Jackson eight years ago, when Paris was 11 years old, has left her scarred. She tried to take her life several times, ending up in treatment at age 15. Paris declares that she “was always the weird kid.” When asked if she’d like to have children someday, she hesitates, then says, “Eventually, I guess. It’s just the thought of bringing more life into the world we’re current living in—are you kidding me? I’ll spare them all the tears and drama.”

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