Meaning Behind The Colors You Pick

HAVE you ever wondered why you pick the colors you choose from your wardrobe in the morning?  Well, here are my observation of why I will pick them and let’s have fun going ‘Wow’.

Red & Green: These are complimentary colors. Red is tied to the material plane, but green connects someone to the heart chakra. I would say that if someone enjoys red and green, they’re looking for love with their feet on the ground; they’re projecting that they want a solid, committed relationship.”

Blue: Wearing blue is associated with the moody color, which is meant to reflect intellectualism and deep thoughts.

Black & White: Black is for protection and white conveys purity.

Red: It’s a power color used to project self-assuredness and confidence.

Yellow: If you want to impose strength or will, wear yellow.

Purple: Purple is about pondering and wandering. You want to know and be open to everything in the universe.

Orange: Though orange is an often-ignored color for its hard-to-wear properties, It can be used to express “creativity and sexuality. It is certainly a positive color.

Have fun deciphering why you pick the colors or view the colors you choose at a store or in your wardrobe today:)

Peace + Love, ANJE

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