More Hack Tips to Keep Those Leggings Up

You may not have heard of it, but some leggings do come with drawstrings. By merely tying your leggings, you can offer required support to them. If you don’t mind using hooks, this is the best option for you.

Alter the Size

When your leggings or pants keep rolling down, it may be due to the improper or wrong size of the leggings. To counter this issue, try to wear leggings with a small size. If you feel a pleasant change, the problem is solved.

As we mentioned in our previous post, you can also try high-waisted leggings and yoga pants. It will offer more strength and support at the waist, which will reduce the chances of your leggings falling down. Hence, make sure to keep your pants tight above the waist.

Try Brushed Fabrics

The fabric of your leggings also plays a crucial role while preventing its rolling down. A few leggings are made up of soft and smooth material, while various other leggings are consisting of brushed fabrics. Typically brushed fabrics offer more friction and reduce the chances of slipping down the skin.

Also, you can choose compression fabrics. These fabrics are the best choice if you want to keep leggings from rolling down. The construction of compression fabrics is durable, giving it maximum durability.

These fabrics can withstand consistent stretching and offer a better grip with your skin. They are slightly expensive, but if they serve the purpose well, no one minds their cost.

Down to Your Preference

To eradicate the problem of leggings rolling down, you need to determine whether you are wearing the right size. This is the primary reason behind pants and legging rolling down.

In addition, you must always stick to the washing instructions. This will help to keep your leggings tight for a more extended period, minimizing the hassle of leggings that tend to roll down.

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