Mother’s Day Gift

MOTHER’S Day always seems to be a time when we shower the moms in our lives with clichéd gifts they likely neither want nor need. Sorry, but this is 2017, and most mothers simply do not need any of the following: an apron, measuring cups, pieces of art that specifically say “mom,” or anything that’s suited to a 1950s housewife. This year why not get mama something she’ll actually be psyched to get, like a chic Gucci wallet, the softest silk PJs known to man, a beat-up leather travel bag, or a mini printer that spits out iPhone selfies photos instantly. Keep reading for more ideas from ANJE COUTURE—and you’re welcome.

First, if your Mom is looking for a set of workout clothes and she is a chic Mom who doesn’t want to wear the same set of clothing from her gym khaki in the Hatha Yoga class or from Body Combat class, get her the Brazilian Turquoise Fluid Tank Top whose touch is as soft as marshmallow.  She will love your attentive thought to details.  Match that with our latest Ballerina Ultra-Support Leggings which will take her legs to Heaven and back.  Secondly, if you are still not sure on what to get for your Mom, ANJE COUTURE’s helpful on-call stylist is always available to assist you and it’s for FREE!  Simply email them or whatsapp them with your problems, they will solve it for you in an instant (say.. within an hour, now if that’s not instant, I don’t know what else).

Anyway, have a blast this weekend celebrating Mother’s Day and remember to tell her the 3 magic words “I Love You!”


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