New York Fashion Week Was a Cast of Characters

WITH the amount of ink spilled over the movements of Kendall Jenner, the Hadid sisters, and the momentous debut of Kaia Gerber, it’s easy to get the impression that the only way to make an impact as a model these days is to have roots in reality television, a supermodel parent, or a following the size of a small country. Not so. While models with built-in buzz were major players during New York Fashion week, they were only one part of the story.

With the city in a state of flux after the departure of several key shows, emerging brands were given the opportunity to shine, a change that prompted a shift in casting. Instead of relying on the lure of the Insta-famous, casting directors seemed primarily in search of great faces — regardless of whether or not they were established stars.

Of course, our favorite stars like Jenner and the Hadids aren’t going anywhere. They continue to be favorites of designers like Alexander Wang and Michael Kors and dominate the 24-hour news cycle and we hope to have them walk our runway one day soon!  Anyhoo, some of their Insta-famous contemporaries — many of whom were more famous for their online posts than their runway walks

All the good fun and we had a blast last week at Singapore’s very own fashion week, a total blast!


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