Imagine the message you can send with your clothes.

Conscious consumption is a fashion statement since you are choosing a brand that is socially responsible and supports a cause you care for.

This way you indicate that you care about how your clothes were made. Staying consistent with your clothing helps you to remain consistent with the message you are sending out. Remember not to dress how you feel - but how you want to feel. Lighter, softer tones create a wardrobe that conveys femininity but also power and confidence.

If you want to be known for a cool, no-nonsense exterior, then you might want to choose a fitted dress and stiletto shoes. Pieces that give a look of someone whose exterior cannot be penetrated.

The question is:

“What clothes make you feel powerful, confident, independent and comfortable?”



ANJE REBEL is born to introduce forward sustainable consumer trends of THE FUTURE. We are committed to provide the extraordinary BOTH WOMEN and MEN with the highest quality products at the lowest possible impact IN ORDER TO SAVE THE EARTH.


The decision not to have a physical store is in parallel with our ideology of social responsibility and environmental concern. Our online service allows you to buy at home without emitting greenhouse gases caused by transportation. Our business has become synonymous with quality and we have guarantee customer satisfaction over the years.

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