We know our clothes affect other people’s impressions of us. OUR PREVIOUS POST shows what we wear affects us too. Putting on different clothes creates different thoughts and mental processes… clothes can change [our] mood and thoughts.

mind what you wear

For example, one hundred women were asked what they chose to wear when feeling depressed. More than half chose jeans and a baggy top and 90% admitted that they neglect any clothing that made them feel confident when they were under stress. This shows that we choose plain clothing when we are in low spirits because we desire anonymity. Just 2% of the women surveyed said that they would wear baggy clothing if they were feeling happy.

This can be related to common recommended treatment for depression, that focuses on self-soothing and self-care. While much of this is centred around keeping ourselves healthy and washing regularly, making a choice to wear outfits that we are confident in and that accentuate our appearance has also been proven to have a huge impact on our mood. The link between our mood, the effort we wish to make and our appearance is apparent. It is clear how much our appearance reveals about our mental state.


Many studies have shown that our “happy clothes” are typically well-fitted and well-cut with bright, strong colours. I strongly believe that we can alter our mood by making an effort to choose clothing that we associate with happiness and that will give us confidence. Clothing doesn’t just influence others, it reflects and influences the wearer’s mood too, ANJE REBEL Collection clearly demonstrates the psychological power of clothing and how the right choices could influence a person’s happiness. In other words,“not only that we are what we wear, but that we become what we wear.”

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