The Latest Hairstyle for Summer

PLAITS appeared on the spring/summer 2017 catwalks in every imaginable form – from skater-girl braided buns at Dior to bohemian skinny plaits at Roberto Cavalli and romantic rope braids at Valentino and everything in between.

There are way more than just French plaits and pigtails right now — and, truly, who can pull off bunches past the age of six? We’re all about braided looks like cool boxer braids, as well as Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora’s pimped up plaited looks.

They’re an easy go-to when your hair is being annoying — say, if your fringe is playing up or you need to keep your hair looking faintly acceptable at a festival or after being rained on during your commute.

I liken the plaits with the small halo bands I can get at the local Watsons.  They are cute yet affordable.  Easy to plait my short hair with too.

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