The Magic Of A Color Palette

IN the 1990s it became a trend to figure out what “season” you were — meaning, what color palette best suited you:

  1. Winter — cool colors with light-to-dark intensity

  2. Spring — warm and bright, with medium-to-light intensity

  3. Summer — cool, muted colors with medium-to-light to medium-to-dark intensity

  4. Autumn — warm and muted, with medium-to-light to medium-to-dark intensity

For example, a woman with dark hair, brown eyes and an olive complexion is referred to as a “deep winter.” She should wear all winter colors, plus some of the autumn range to complement her skin tone and hair color. There are even seasonal consultants who’ll take a look at you (or a picture of you) to give you a reading of your seasonal colors.

Dressing in a palette of colors that complements your skin will go a long way toward setting your personal style. You can build an entire wardrobe around these colors that you know looks perfect on you.

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