We Have Made It To The NYFW 2018!

WITH the New York Fashion Week commencing today, there’s a lot to be excited about. Feeling similar to the first day of school, it’s not only wonderful to see what different lines have been up to since we introduce and showcase our athleisure collection — ANJE REBEL, but also to catch up with long-lost friends who have been buried under clothes and emails in NYC.

To be frank, as much as we would love to attend every show or presentation, it’s difficult with show times overlapping and locations spanning the gridlocked island of Manhattan. We were exhilerated neverthless to see our athleisure collection being loved and write about by the media from famous publication mag and digital online.  It was a tough and long journey to being here and let’s not forget to mention the hoards of money and sleepless nights we pour into this collection, even without investors.

We know that we are pushing boundaries and are notably humble in their gifts. Ever curious, we chat with the stylists and designers at the show and what inspires them as they embark on what’s sure to be incredibly gangbuster success.  As designer, we pair with our muses who offer daily encouragement and creative stimulation to create our seasonal collection or whichever flows.

It is a terrific feeling, especially the first time you see a team of international models strutting the famous NYFW runway with my designs.  There’s no words enough to describe my pride and thankfulness.

Tip: If you’re a woman working specifically to create for other women, it’s impossible to not consider recent culture-shifting events — #MeToo and Time’s Up, certainly, and also the fraught political climate. What do the people making the clothes women are wearing- to feel empowered, to feel safe, to feel comfortable, to feel proud, to feel like themselves- see their roles to be right now?

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