What Is Sustainability And How Will It Affect Your Closet?

Updated: Apr 25

One of the most fun parts of changing weather is new clothes. New seasons are often the perfect excuse to run to the mall and scope out the new trendy pieces. (AKA the ones Instagram told you are hip.)

Or if your clothing obsession runs a little deeper, you might be up on all of the new designer collections from fashion week. Twice a year, fashion month takes over the globe hitting cities like New York, London, Milan, Paris, and even Los Angeles.

That’s right, and we have been invited to the New York Fashion Week to showcase ANJE Rebel Sustainable Collection as well!

As you know, the environmental impact of clothing in the fashion world has been on its way to the forefront for quite some time. As climate change continues to grow as a major issue the planet is facing, the fashion community has started to take responsibility for creating more responsible and ethical, eco-friendly clothing.

Now we know what you might be thinking, ‘hey I don’t want to dress in scratchy fabric that looks and feels like a potato sack.

Here’s everything you need to know about sustainable fashion - what fabrics can you switch to to make less of an environmental impact, where to get it, and small changes you can make when your shopping that will make a huge different for our planet.

1. That means it’s crucial we find a more long-lasting way to produce and wear clothing.

Sustainable fashion is sort of an all-encompassing phrase that means the clothes were made in an ecologically responsible manner. Basically it’s a mixture of how the clothing’s made and how we as consumers buy the products. If you’re investing in something long term, or buying something that is vintage, or recycled, you’re positively impacting the environment by making a choice that will last longer.

2. As for fashion companies, their goal is much, much larger.

Brands are starting to make products using materials like organic fibers and lower water usage during production as they move towards sustainable clothing practices. The goal is to make sustainable clothing that respects environmental limits. In the process, they also want to “protect people’s health and well-being.” What’s not to love about that?

3. Ensuring that harmful cleaners or pesticides aren’t used either.

Think of clothing kind of how you think of food, if something was dripping in chemicals you definitely wouldn’t eat it - so why would you put it on your body?” A fair point!

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