What to Pair with the Right Jeans

WHILE last week, we touched on the comeback of the Jeans, this spring just might be shaping up as the season for the work boot to pair with the Jeans. Gigi Hadid recently stepped out in sleek Dr. Martens combat boots, for example. Rihanna has a long history of wearing custom Timberlands, but there’s something to be said for tradition below the ankle.

Our favorite supermodel, Kloss took the boots’ down-home vibe and ran with it in light-wash blues casually cuffed at the ankle and a tiny white T-shirt—a look as all-American as she is. Louis Vuitton’s monogrammed bag swinging from one shoulder elevated the outfit while matching the shade of her shoes. And in true supermodel fashion, Kloss finished it off with the ultimate accessory: a knowing, camera-ready smile.

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