What to Wear on Easter Sunday?

WHERE I live here in the humid Asia, Easter can often be quite hot. It isn’t unheard of to wear tights and a long-sleeved sweater with an Easter dress! Of course, not everyone is subjected to such ungodly temperatures for Easter Sunday so I’ll share outfit options for everyone.

For those attending church and/or a nice brunch, a traditional Easter outfit would consist of a dressy pastel suit (I remember a lot of ladies wearing suits on Easter back when I was residing in the States) or dress, along with a hat and white or black patent pumps or sandals.

These days, our churches and society in general has become more casual overall, and most of us have ditched the hat and gloves, and oftentimes the dress or suit, for less formal attire. I’ve been known to wear skinny jeans, a chiffon blouse and pumps on Easter Sunday in Asia many years ago. This is an example and it is extremely comfortable and chic.

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