Every morning when you wake up and begin your day, part of your routine will be to choose what to wear. If you work in an environment with a strict dress code or uniform, such as a hospital, then the decision will be made for you and how you are dressed will likely affect the way that others relate to you, e.g. a nurse dressed in a white coat will give patients reassurance.

However, in professions where we have more flexibility with our work clothes and in our downtime where we have free rein to choose our fashions, the clothes that we wear will often speak volumes about our emotions. We may not realise quite how much what we choose to wear is dictated by our mood and, indeed, how much our choices have a subsequent effect on our behaviour and attitudes, both to ourselves and to others.


We’ve all got a favourite outfit - one that makes us feel confident and like we can take on the world. Many of us also have an outfit that no longer fits but we can’t bear to throw it away because of the emotional attachment, such as saving the dress from our first date with a long-time love. The connection between our emotions and the way we dress is integral to the way we behave and our identity.

Emotions play such a significant role in our clothing choices because often it is not the actual clothes that we wear that determine our feelings and attitudes but the associations we have with them. There definitely can be a connection between how people dress and how they feel. The more you like your appearance, the more confident you can be. This emphasises the importance of the short- and long-term impact of our clothing choices - if we wake up in the morning and choose an outfit that is ill-fitting and does not give us confidence, we will be self-conscious for the rest of the day. This will likely manifest in our behaviour - we may act awkwardly, avoid any unnecessary social interaction and become extremely introverted.




ANJE REBEL is born to introduce forward sustainable consumer trends of THE FUTURE. We are committed to provide the extraordinary BOTH WOMEN and MEN with the highest quality products at the lowest possible impact IN ORDER TO SAVE THE EARTH.


The decision not to have a physical store is in parallel with our ideology of social responsibility and environmental concern. Our online service allows you to buy at home without emitting greenhouse gases caused by transportation. Our business has become synonymous with quality and we have guarantee customer satisfaction over the years.

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