Why ANJE Lifts Up Women?

I recently read an article about why women need girlfriends and it was pretty dismal. Can you guess what the first reason was on that list? I was shocked when I read, “To go shopping”! Yes, that’s correct … according to that ridiculous article, the number one reason was to have someone to go shopping with! Ugh.

There are so many amazing reasons we need a strong community of women in our lives (and shopping is not one of them)!  My girlfriends have always been the first ones to  say “Yes!” to every (almost) ridiculous ideas I have.  Actively seeking out a supportive female community is one of the best things that’s ever happened in my life.

Everyday, we get wrapped up in our busy lives and don’t take time to nurture ourselves or build meaningful relationships. As the internet and social media become a larger part of our day, we forget about the fruitful exchanges we can have in person and in groups with common interests.

In my next blog, I will tell and share my reasons why it’s so important that women like us need to nurture a strong female community.  In the meantime, love one another always.




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