Founder / Director

Well-known for her extreme creativity and soft demaneor, Angelina Francesca is an avid runner and silent philantropist.  It started with her strong desire to create organic and breathable athleisure wear for everyone regardless of size and gender during her days in college and she has expanded ANJE REBEL to empower youths and women from all over the world with her brand and mission to offer a safe world for all.

With her recent fashion show at the New York Fashion Week, Angelina has expanded the portfolio of ANJE REBEL to include a cohesive community where women support women in the world on its ANJE World community.

Throughout the years, Angelina has make every decision with the greatest respect for people and the planet. She sets out to always try to do what’s right and follow her instincts that small steps lead to greater change for good together with ANJE REBEL's members and followers.


"Nature and people are integral parts of who we are. Our actions and business practice will always protect them.  Thank you for coming with me in this journey and I hope together we can better more lives and enrich our planet with so much more love consciously as One Family." said Angelina Francesca

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Javis Chan

Stella Garimberti

Juliana Moreschi

Hong Kong

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Nikolay Barzakov


Paul Bradshaw

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