Created and founded by Ms. Angelina Francesca, an avid photographer, entrepreneur and a different kind of designer.  Growing up in a small family with old-fashioned kind of thinking, she's taught that girl does not need to study for higher achievement but to be taught home-based skills or head out early in life to support the family.

Determined to not let situations and environmental factors change her, she sets her mind to become the changer.  She works multiple jobs and earn to support her family.  She became one of the few Asians to earn her Magna Cum Laude in Business Management in Walden University, U.S.A.  During her uni days, she found running to be an activity she can afford.  But all she can find is 'box-cut' sportswear built for men and she started her journey to build a different kind of athleisure wear for her friends and herself.

If you are reading this and you're thinking,"This is Me!" Be a part of the ANJE REBEL Gang today.  Distribute ANJE REBEL Gears and we will teach you how to be your own boss.  

In 2015, Angelina and her development team set out to develop the ultra-lift and support technology fabrics that all women and men need to support their body the best possible way without constriction or looking drappy.  Driven by the vision of becoming the most differentiated Fashion & Beauty company, Angelina works with several sustainability and recycled factories in Brazil and Save The Earth Organisation to bring forth the new age of 'no-waste' clothing in vegan colors.


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